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Dataminers Uncovered 9 Backpacks In Fortnite

With close to $296 million of revenue in April, Fortnite is certainly the most profitable game on the planet. Epic Games knows it, it is essential to hold the players in suspense with fresh in order not to lose their attention, and in Fortnite this comes in the form of cosmetics. Just as with the Jetpack from a few days ago, it seems that the developers want to introduce the “backpacks”...[Read More]

ARK Park To Receive FREE DLC “Pterosaur Hill” At The End Of June

Publisher and developer Snail Games announced yesterday that the first DLC for its multiplayer VR game ARK Park will be available by the end of June – and that, cherry on the cake, it will be completely free for all owners! Available on all supported platforms, “Pterosaur Hill” will add tons of new content – starting with the introduction of air combat, new maps for exploration, prehistoric creatu...[Read More]

Pokémon GO: Alola Forms Are Coming

Summer is slowly approaching, the weather is getting warmer and players are taking pleasure in going out to hunt Pokémon in Pokémon GO . The developers Niantic Labs know how important this summer period is for younger gamers and have therefore planned some additions to make the players want to come back. The main one is of course the Alola forms, alternative versions of some creatures that have ap...[Read More]

Compete for Cash in Brawlhalla’s Stream.Me Tournament

Brawlhalla players are invited to find a friend and test their fighting skills later this month, May 26-27, 2018, in the Brawlhalla Stream.Me Championship. Competitors will show down in 2v2 matches to win a share of $4,000 in prize money. Players can register to participate either here(NA) or here(EU).

Guild Wars 2 Game Director Talks About Microtransactions And Monetization

Earlier this year, in an interview with Gamasutra, Crystin Cox, Game Director of Guild Wars 2, talked about how ArenaNet monetized its games using a convenience and cosmetics cash shop, along with lootboxes. “Expressing yourself, relating to other people, showing off, making a visual representation of who you are, is hugely important to a lot of MMO players, so that was always very high on our lis...[Read More]

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 Hosting An English Closed Beta In June

With over 25 years of history and successful spinoffs like the Devil Survivor, Persona or Devil Children series, the Megami Tensei franchise no longer has to prove itself on the market. After assaulting the 3DS and PS4 the last few years, the various Demons and Angels have made their way onto mobile devices this January, albeit only in Japan. This will soon change, however, as a western release sh...[Read More]

Nexon Reveals 2018 Games For PC And Mobile Devices

Yesterday, Nexon revealed their game release calendar for Q2 2018 and onward, with a number of titles planned for both PC and Android/iOS gamers. The most notable ones, at least within the North America and RoW (rest of the world) section are MapleStory 2, MapleStory M and Final Fantasy XI Mobile. While no specific dates have been revealed yet, MapleStory 2 and MapleStory M are expected for early ...[Read More]

Onigiri Online First Impression – A Taste of Ancient Japan

This week I tried out Onigiri Online, a game that proposes to take players into a world inspired by the mythology and colorful folklore of Ancient Japan, with its share of Oni (demons) and Youkai (spirits and legendary creatures), redesigned sauce anime. Faithfully accompanied by various partners, players will have to make their way through the world of Onigiri Online and discover its many mysteri...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XIV’s Casino Games Beginner’s Guide

Released over 3 years ago now, the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy XIV incorporated the concept of a leisure park into the online game, inspired by that of the establishment holding the same name if the famous Final Fantasy VII. For players who have not yet set foot in this complex, here are the important points to know to start the Gold Saucer! Unlocking The Gold Saucer To get to the Gold Saucer, go...[Read More]

Paragon Beginner’s Guide

It’s been a few days already since the Open Beta of Paragon launched. Featuring a dark jungle and a card system that is most likely difficult for beginners to understand, the Epic Games MOBA can be a little prickly to learn. This guide will attempt to make your first steps in the game easier. First things first The first thing, whether it’s in Paragon or any MOBA you play for the time, is to...[Read More]

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