Final Fantasy XIV: The Companion App And 4.35 Update Approach

There is something new in the air for Final Fantasy XIV. After the release of the important 4.3 patch on May 22, the MMO will go to version 4.35 on July 3, before hosting its Final Fantasy XIV Companion App a few weeks later. On July 3, the players of Final Fantasy XIV will be able to discover the rest of the Epic alongside the “detective gentleman” Hildibrand. Above all...[Read More]

FPS MOBA Sky Noon Hosting A Closed Beta

In the category of slightly crazy but still interesting titles, here is Sky Noon. Developed by a small studio called Lunar Rooster, this FPS has cowboys fight it out by ejecting each other from the map with their air blowing weapons. If on paper, this idea may seem very strange, we must admit that everything is rather fun once the game starts. As reported by PC Gamer, Sky Noon will soon start...[Read More]

Fortnite Battle Royale Will Soon Introduce A Light Machine Gun

While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds seems to be focused on adding cards and an eSports league recently evoked by Brendan Greene, the Epic Games team is more focused on introducing new skins and new weapons in the game. So, after the remote controlled missile, here comes the Light Machine Gun in Fortnite. This Rambo-worthy “toy” has been announced in the title menus, but thanks to...[Read More]

Blizzard unveils its new event Overwatch Retribution Event

Overwatch will be releasing its new event titled “Retribution” where you will control the team of Blackwatch members (Reaper, Genji, McCree and Moira) in a new cooperative mode oriented on the PvE. Moreover, there will also be a superb Reaper skin and 180 new “in game” elements. The Overwatch Retribution event will be released on April 10 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and ...[Read More]

World of Warriors Arrives On PS4 Next Month

They’re fierce. They’re ferocious. They’re… incredibly cute! Multiplayer brawler World of Warriors arrives on 21st March. Preorder on PS Store and pick up a warrior-packed PS4 theme: — PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) February 25, 2018 World of Warriors will be released in a little less than a month, on March 21, ...[Read More]

Robocraft Royale Free Alpha Test Starts Tomorrow February 20

Announced back at the end of November last year, Robocraft Royale has been awaited by fans of the genre and the community of the main game. And now the day for the first public Royale test is here. The free Alpha test of Robocraft Royale starts tomorrow, February 20, although the title will be buy to play at launch. Heads up, Robocraft Royale requires these minimum computer specs: Requires a 64-bi...[Read More]

Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics Launching On February 20th

Hi-Rez’s TCG title Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics finally got a real launch date set for February 20th on both PC and console. The title, mixing grid-based strategy and TCG, is the studio’s fifth game to make it to this stage (though they’ve quite a lot more in production). Like SMITE, HOTG be free-to-play, although players can buy cards to stay competitive. Hi-Rez says players ...[Read More]

Paragon Shuts Down April 26; Refunds Offered For All Purchases

“It’s with heavy hearts we’ve decided to close down Paragon” The third-person MOBA from Epic Games, Paragon, will cease operations this spring. All development for the game on every available platform (PC and PS4) will now be terminated and the servers will shut down. Additionally, refunds will be offered for every purchase ever made on the game. The studio expressed t...[Read More]

Atlas Reactor welcomes new character: Vonn

Atlas Reactor enters its fifth season today, and, for the occasion, includes a new frosted hero: Vonn, the Scion of Ice. This Freelancer turns out to be a cyborg capable of inflicting huge damage with ice projectiles, but can also generate a shield and slow down enemies. The Trion Worlds studio tells us in passing that an event dedicated to Valentine’s Day has begun and will continue un...[Read More]

MOBA Paragon Getting Shut Down

Epic Games announced this week that its MOBA Paragon will close on April 26, indicating that after a period of evaluation, the development team had not found a way to make the game profitable over time. Epic had already indicated in the past that Fortnite’s success, particularly in its Battle Royale version, had forced some of the developers to move over to work on the studio’s biggest...[Read More]

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