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Ashes of Creation Apocalypse in OBT from December 18th

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse is finally about to enter our gaming libraries. For those of you that missed it, at the beginning of last November, Intrepid studio (from which the MMORPG Ashes of Creation is expected ) announced its roadmap: while awaiting its release, Ashes of Creation will logically be tested in mass and the studio announced its intention to freely distribute the games modes that a...[Read More]

Kickstarter MMORPGs That Were Successfully Funded And Where They Stand Today

If the crowdfunding scene has had the wind in its sails for a while now, the same, unfortunately, can not be said of the MMO market. On a constant freefall during the recent years, the majority of large MMO have been mostly considered as failures by gamers. Whether it is the players being too demanding, or genre itself struggling to evolve, the fact is that people are still finding it hard to find...[Read More]

First Titles Of The Discord Games Library Revealed

We were telling you just yesterday that Discord now plans to start selling digital games. A choice similar to that of Twitch, but which proves all the ambition of the young platform of discussion that boasts 150 million users. Today, we have the a first list of titles that will be part of the Discord games library this feature is officially launched. Unsurprisingly, it is mostly independent games ...[Read More]

Discord Gaming To Change With An Integrated Digital Games Store

With its 150 million users, Discord has become a leader in gaming-oriented as well as casual instant messaging in recent years. And now its designers are diversifying and integrating more and more to suit us and change Discord gaming, by launching their own video game distribution platform. The company had previously started this project by opening a tab titled “Games” in the software,...[Read More]

Fortnite Android Beta Available For A Portion Of Samsung Devices Owners

Breaking everything in its wake since last September, in terms of audience, finances, and live streams, Fortnite Battle Royale will soon be a new asset on Android smartphone. Players have been waiting for a Fortnite Android Beta, and for some of us, its already here. 250 million, this is the number of high-end terminals ready to receive the Android version of Fortnite according to Epic Games, out ...[Read More]

Dauntless Open Beta Exceeds One Million Players

While Monster Hunter World will only be showing its tip in fall, the free-to-play alternative Dauntless has seemed to stir the curiosity of players since the launch of its open beta. Indeed, the game of monster hunting and other quality loot, which had already amassed 100,000 players during its closed beta, seems to have attracted more than a million curious in the last fifteen days. In addition, ...[Read More]

Crowfall Developers Show Off The 5.6 Build

The next big milestone build for Crowfall is patch 5.6, and it’s a big one. It has the first pass of the vassal system, for example, which is one of the major elements of the game. It has the first steps toward procedural world generation. It has a first pass for a skill revamp. It has a more dangerous world. It has a lot of stuff, in short, and you can get an idea of all the stuff that’s in it wi...[Read More]

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 Hosting An English Closed Beta In June

With over 25 years of history and successful spinoffs like the Devil Survivor, Persona or Devil Children series, the Megami Tensei franchise no longer has to prove itself on the market. After assaulting the 3DS and PS4 the last few years, the various Demons and Angels have made their way onto mobile devices this January, albeit only in Japan. This will soon change, however, as a western release sh...[Read More]

Nexon Reveals 2018 Games For PC And Mobile Devices

Yesterday, Nexon revealed their game release calendar for Q2 2018 and onward, with a number of titles planned for both PC and Android/iOS gamers. The most notable ones, at least within the North America and RoW (rest of the world) section are MapleStory 2, MapleStory M and Final Fantasy XI Mobile. While no specific dates have been revealed yet, MapleStory 2 and MapleStory M are expected for early ...[Read More]

FPS MOBA Sky Noon Hosting A Closed Beta

In the category of slightly crazy but still interesting titles, here is Sky Noon. Developed by a small studio called Lunar Rooster, this FPS has cowboys fight it out by ejecting each other from the map with their air blowing weapons. If on paper, this idea may seem very strange, we must admit that everything is rather fun once the game starts. As reported by PC Gamer, Sky Noon will soon start a cl...[Read More]

Robocraft Royale Alpha Test 2 Goes Live Today, Early Access On March 26th

Robocraft Royale, the battle royale mode of the the Robocraft title, is starting its second Alpha test today at 3PM UTC, or in a bit more than 3 hours. Giant robotic beasts, aircraft, and mechanized fighters all jam packed into a sandbox arena where only the toughest (and smartest) will survive is the general gist behind Freejam’s Robocraft Royale. The upcoming game is set to make its debut into E...[Read More]

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