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Epic Games Store: The Jackbox Party Pack Will Be The Next Free Game

Epic Games Store: The Jackbox Party Pack Will Be The Next Free Game

PC gamers are now used to it: since its launch in early December, the Epic Games digital store offers a new game that players can install and play, for free, every two weeks. After Subnautica, and the narrative game What Remains of Edith Finch, still available for free until January 24, try change of genre with The Jackbox Party Pack, a party game.

The first installment of a license that now has five episodes, The Jackbox Party Pack includes five mini party games, namely You Do not Know Jack (1 to 4 players), Drawful (3 to 8 players), Word Spud (2 to 8 players), Lie Swatter (1 to 100 players) and Fibbage (2 to 8 players). The focus is on local gaming, with the ability to use a smartphone or tablet as a controller so that players can play the game without hardware constraints. Simply connect to a dedicated site (jackbox.tv) with the device used. It is also possible to stream the game through a service like Twitch to play with friends online.

The Jackbox Party Pack will be on the Epic Games Store from January 24 to February 7. Just create an account on the store and add the game to your cart. It will then remain in your library on the Epic Games launcher.

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