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Trailmakers is now available on Steam Early Access

Trailmakers is now available on Steam Early Access
Trailmakers, the vehicle-building adventure from the Press Play, Rare, Square Enix, and CCP veterans at Flashbulb Games, is now available on Steam Early Access. The game will also come to the Xbox One Preview Program later this year.
Journey to a hazardous alien world where every mountain, every river, and every ramp is a playground. Piece together fully customizable rides from the barest of essentials and scrounge around the badlands for more parts to mod that jalopy into a rocket-powered racer, sleek fighter jet, or whatever else players can dream up to keep on truckin’. Or, when the mood strikes, check out Creative Mode, where up to four players can tinker with limitless resources to craft crazy contraptions only limited by one’s imagination.

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